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INGLÊS - UFES (1998)
Buchi, a autora do texto, costuma ____________.

26) (as questões 26 e 27 referem-se ao texto o abaixo)

a)comer os restos de comida dos filhos
b)correr após o café da manhã
c)levantar-se logo que acorda
d)levar os filhos à escola
e)preparar o café dos filhos

27) Pode-se afirmar que Buchi ____________.

a)acorda às 6 horas da manhã
b)cria os filhos sozinha
c) tem filhos entre 6 meses e 5 anos
d)tem um bebê nigeriano
e)tem um bebê nigeriano

28) AFTER HER 90TH BIRTHDAY, my friend Marie found that shopping for Christmas gifts had become too difficult, so she decided to send checks to everyone instead. On each card she wrote, “Buy your own present,” and she mailed them early.
Marie enjoyed the usual flurry of family festivities. Only after Christmas did she get around to clearing off her cluttered desk. Under a stack of papers, she was horrified to find the gift checks which she had forgotten to enclose.

- Contributed by Alice H. CorkO texto nos permite inferir que a reação das pessoas ao receberem os cartões foi de __________.


29) (as questões de 29 a 30 referem-se ao texto abaixo)

	People are very sensitive to any intrusion into their spatial
	bubble. If someone stands too close to you, your first instinct is to
	back up. If that’s not possible, you lean away and pull yourself in, 
	tensing your muscles. If the intruder doesn’t respond to these body
5	signals, you may  then try to protect yourself, using a briefcase, 
	umbrella or raincoat. Women - especially when traveling alone - 
	often plant their pocketbook in such a way that no one can get very
	close to them. As a last resort, you may move to another spot and
	position yourself behind a desk or a chair that provides screening.
10	Everyone tries to adjust the space around himself in a way that’s 
	comfortable for him; most often, he does this unconsciously.

A expressão “spatial bubble” refere-se a ____________.

a)mulheres executivas
b)objetos anatômicos
c)relacionamento interpessoal
d)roupas confortáveis
e)viagens espaciais

30) A palavra “screening” (linha 9) pode ser entendida como ____________.


31) ENGLAND TO MARK THE MILLENNIUM, London is contemplating the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. If approved, the privately funded, 500-foot-tall wheel would turn continually just across the Thames from Parliament, offering 60-mile views to 960 riders. Amid complaints it would mar the skyline, promoters have promised to keep it on its prominent site for only five years, from 1997 until 2002, then rebuild it elsewhere. Parisians heard a similar vow long ago: the Eiffel Tower, they were told, would come down once the Centennial Exposition of 1889 closed.

-U.S. News & World ReportAo falar do/a ____________ da roda-gigante, o autor faz referência à Torre Eiffel.


32) (as questões 32 e 33 referem-se ao texto o abaixo)

If you do something that turns out wrong you can almost always put it right, get over it, learn from it, or at least deny it. But once you’ve missed out on something, it’s gone. There will be the girl you never got to say the right words to, the band you never got to see live, the winning streak you never got to cheer on, the brilliant retiring professor whose class you never took, the relative you never got very close with. It’s a long list no matter what. Try to keep it as short as possible.
-University of Pennsylvania Daily PennsylvanianA lista mencionada pelo autor refere-se a ____________.

a)desculpas inaceitáveis
b)erros inevitáveis
c)oportunidades perdidas
d)planos adiados
e)projetos fracassados

33) O provérbio que mais se aproxima da idéia principal do texto é ____________.

a)“Casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau”
b)“Deus ajuda a quem cedo madruga”
c)“Devagar se vai ao longe”
d)“Nem tudo o que reluz é ouro”
e)“Quem não arrisca não petisca”

34) (as questões 34 e 35 referem-se ao texto o abaixo)

On June 27, 1994, sarin gas released in Matsumoto, Japan, killed seven people and injured 600 others. Before the gas attack and subsequent ones were traced to the Aum Shinrikyo cult, police focused their investigation on Matsumoto resident Yoshiyuki Kono and leaked his name to the media. For months he was inundated with hate mail and identified in the press as “the Poison Gas Man.” The truth eventually came out after the devastating Tokyo subway gas attack last March, but only in June did the government offer its “heartfelt apology” for the scandal that wasn’t.
JANUARY 1, 1996O ataque ocorrido em Matsumoto, em junho de 94, foi ____________.

a)desvendado quase um ano depois
b)erroneamente atribuído a um culto
c)fatal para centenas de pessoas
d)o único desse tipo no Japão
e)realizado por “the Poison Gas Man”

35) De acordo com o texto, o governo japonês ____________.

a)admitiu o escândalo
b)negou sua responsabilidade
c)perdeu sua popularidade
d)puniu o culpado severamente
e)reconheceu seu erro